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Support CHES

Started by Upakriti 3362 days ago

Upakriti's Sevathon participation is to raise funds specifically for our CHES project. We require about $6500 overall to support additional children for the academic year 2012-13 and at Sevathon we have a goal of about $2000. We still have ways to go to reach this but to all the donors and runners currently registered on behalf of Upakriti, our heartfelt thanks. We are about 15% towards the end goal but we are positive we will reach 100% soon. We need your help to join the team and help support CHES.

Here's a blurb about CHES -

Community Health Education Society – CHES was initiated by Dr.P.Manorama, to cater to the needs of orphans of AIDS from where it took wings and has reached a stage where its activities encompass the whole spectrum of communities and has been executing several model projects like the comprehensive care for children affected by AIDS from prevention of vertical transmission of HIV to identification and provision of community home based care to orphan care, psychosocial care to children with diversity of needs like children from families affected by AIDS, children from families affected by tsunami, children in government run reception units and homes, children in government schools, has rich experience working on intervention programs among women in prostitution, male sex workers including the transgendercommunities, developing CBOs for the female and male sex workers population in Chennai, and building the capacity of medical officers, caregivers, counselors, CBOs, NGOs etc;

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