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Aikutzi's Huichol Center Registration and Fundraiser for Sevathon 2019


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The Huichol Center for Cultural Survival and Traditional Arts was founded in 1994 by anthropologist Susana Valadez, in the town of Huejuquilla el Alto, Jalisco Mexico. This non-profit organization was established to support the Wixárika (Huichol) people as they make their transition into modern society, as an ancient tribe adapting to the realities and challenges of the modern world. While the Wixárika people struggle against the threats of poverty, the dissolution of their traditional ways of life and the loss of their native language, the Huichol Center sponsors several programs and strategies to support the continuation of their beautiful traditions and Uto-Aztecan dialect. During the last four decades, Susana Valadez, currently a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, has spearheaded numerous strategies to bolster the odds for their cultural survival, including: ethnographic documentation, Huichol language education, programs that foster economic self-sufficiency through the production of native arts, incentives for the conservation of ancient shamanic traditions, and the elimination of hunger through sustainable agricultural practices that ensure food and water security.


The Huichol Center: A model for cultural survival from David H. Rose on Vimeo.

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The Huichols are organizing like never before to protest the destruction of their sacred sites, such as the peyote desert, Wirikuta, where water and lands are being ravaged by the mining companies and tomato growers. Thousands of acres of the biodiverse desert habitat have already been destroyed by the industrial tomato growers who have plowed under the soil, fenced off the land for as far as the eye can see, poisoned the clouds with cloud seeding chemicals, and the filled the soil with toxic pesticides. As the minerals are being extracted subterraneously by the mining companies, there have been many legal battles for almost a decade to put a halt to this. Many defenders and advocates from the Wixárika tribe have been murdered or intimidated to the point where they have become powerless. The Huichol Center supports the protest and provides economic resources to community spokespeople to travel to Mexico City and other locations throughout the country to attend high level government meetings to make their case for the protection of their most sacred sites. In addition, the Huichol Center, located in a town outside of the Huichol communities, serves as a neutral meeting ground for resolving intra-tribal differences that threaten the unity of the tribe. The Nobel Peace Prize nomination will be of great help to get the message out to the world, during these tragic times confronting the existence of so many indigenous people who are systematically being wiped off the face of the earth. It provides a platform for the voices of the leaders to be heard by international organizations that have the power to work on their behalf and find solutions before it is too late.

Seeking UNESCO Protection for Sacred Sites That Are Threatened with Destruction

Many of the threats facing the Wixárika culture with extinction stem from the destruction of their sacred sites, which include 1) San Blas, Nayarit, 2) Lake Chapala, Jalisco 3) Real de Catorce, San Luis Potosí 4) Cerro Gordo, Durango and others. The Huichol Center advocates for the support of global humanitarian institutions, such as UNESCO, to protect these ancient sacred sites and to insure the right of the Huichols to practice their native religion, which centers on the ceremonial use of peyote.

Ongoing funding needed for this project

  • Provide funds for Huichol Center support projects to defend Huichol sacred sites that are currently under threat by mining companies and the mega agricultural industries destroying these ancient lands.
  • Provide financial support for the transportation and travel expenses for representatives from the Huichol Center, including youth and elders, to attend meetings in defense of their threatened sacred lands, and participate in forums that bring knowledge of peyote traditions to the global community.
  • Provide funds for Huichol spiritual practitioners and tradition keepers to continue their ancient customs, ceremonies and pilgrimages to sacred locations
  • Contribute to the transportation and the expenses for members of the ceremonial groups who are obligated to make pilgrimages to sacred sites but are unable to cover the high costs of the long journeys.
  • Provide funds for much needed repairs to the structures in the ceremonial centers throughout the Huichol homeland where the community rituals are conducted.
  • Provide financial support to the elderly segment of Huichol populations who are in dire need of economic and medical aid.  The venerated elders are the knowledge keepers, the shamans and dreamers who still see the world through ancient eyes, and play an essential role in passing down the living library of practices and traditions. Many of them are just barely surviving in modern times.
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The Huichol Center will have a Booth at Sevathon 2019. Event is Free! Your invited help us meet our fundraising goal. Donate Now! All donations welcome. Register and Sign up to participate in this Fun Marathon for Our Cause and Receive a Free Gift from The Huichol Center.

Campaign end date: 2019-12-31

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Aikutzi's Huichol Center Registration and Fundraiser for Sevathon 2019

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